Announcing the Virtue VIO Paintball Mask! will be among the first paintball retailers in the world to have the Virtue VIO Paintball Mask!

News of an upcoming goggle from Virtue Paintball has been circulating for awhile and this week the first glimpses of the new paintball mask have started hitting the internet. The Virtue VIO Paintball Goggle, or Versatile Innovative Optic, looks like a potential winner in the high-end goggle category!

Speaking with a representative from Virtue, the VIO mask took cues from Oakley sunglasses.  Every major component that makes up the VIO is a modular design that can be swapped. The VIO will initially come in twelve standard colorways. Players wanting a personal custom look and style  can quickly and easily change the frame and lower face plate on their goggle. As if that is not cool enough, the player can also build a Virtue VIO from the ground up!

The standard Virtue VIO Paintball Mask colors:


The VIO Lens is a dual pane thermal design and is claiming a wide vertical and horizontal range of vision. Just looking at the rendered images released so far, I’d say that’s on the money. The top of the lens has four tabs for alignment. A quick release system of unlatching the goggle strap, pivoting the Hinge Lock and then sliding the lens out. Currently the VIO Lens will be available in 9 colors.

The VIO Lower Mask will be available in 30 (yes, 30!) color combinations. It is a molded soft plastic unit with what appears to be plenty of grills for ventilation and voice projection. The VIO Lower looks pretty streamlined for a low target profile but the big debate is whether it covers more than the popular Dye i4 mask. The i4 is incredibly lightweight and comfortable but the most common reason I have heard why a player does not choose one is because the profile is too tight and narrow, resulting in an exposed chin and jaw. The Virtue rep told me on the phone that the VIO should address this issue.

Some sample images of how the VIO can be configured:


Virtue VIO Paintball Mask as per Virtue’s specs:


1.  The VIO goggle comes with a large lens that allows a panoramic view. The thermal lens is great against fog and each lens has a unique scratch resistant coating. The lens can be changed in seconds from a smoke lens to mirror.

2.  The VIO Lens Frame can be customized with 12 different color frames for a unique look.

3.  The Virtue VIO Mask Bottom is very easily interchangeable. It is made out of a blend of soft and hard plastics creating a light weight design without sacrificing strength and rigidity. The mask bottoms is changeable with 30 different colors

4.  The VIO mask foam is mounted on a frame. You can remove the foam and clean it giving you a brand new feel every time.

5.  The VIO Hinge Lock System allows you to swap lenses very quickly with great ease. Just remove the strap, fold in the ears, and change the lens. This system allows for the fastest lens change in paintball.

6. The VIO Mask Strap that is very easy to change. A large variety of straps will soon be available to make your VIO mask totally unique.

7. 3D Soft Ears for the best hearing, the soft ears allow for the best protection and comfort.

Keep checking back here or go to for all the latest details and release information!


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