Four Things You Should Never Do With Your Paintball Gun

tippman pistol paintball gunHolding a paintball gun in your hands is an awesome feeling. Oh, the power! But with great power comes great responsibility, and paintball is no different. Although it’s generally a safe sport, a paintball marker improperly wielded can do some real damage. Here are four things you should never do with your paintball gun:

1. Run around with your finger on the trigger. It’s easy to get twitchy when you’ve got a paintball marker in your hand, and it’s even easier to accidentally fire a paintball while running. Get in the habit of keeping your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Accidental shots can give away your position, result in injury or cause a big mess in your gun if you shoot with the plug in.

2. Crank up the velocity. Paintballs should leave your gun at no more than 300 feet per second — sometimes less if it’s a smaller field. A higher velocity can increase the chances of injury and cause paintballs to explode inside the barrel.

3. Fire point blank. Most commercial fields have rules about how far you have to be from your target before you shoot. When in doubt, don’t fire a paint ball gun at anyone who’s closer than 15 feet away — about the distance from the free throw line to the basket on a basketball court.

4. Shoot at someone who’s not in a game. This goes for animals and property as well as people. Yes, practice makes perfect, but Bowser, the next door neighbor, or anyone else not wearing protective paintball gear should not become your unwilling target as you strive for perfection. Any practice targets should be non-living and set up in a remote location to avoid accidents.

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