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JT Splatmaster – Family Friendly Paintball Alternative

Kee Action Sports made a splash in 2012 when they made a bold decision to release the JT Splatmaster line of paintball markers and accessories. Named after the famous classic paintball gun, the National Survival Game Splatmaster pistol,  the JT Splatmaster series were designed to introduce paintball to the youth and family market. Of course, there was quite a bit

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The Virtue Spire Hopper Is A Serious Contender!

The other paintball loaders on the market finally have some serious competition. The Virtue Spire Paintball Loader hit the scene last fall and has quickly become a cult favorite amongst those looking for a fast paintball hopper. The Virtue Spire brings a few new never-seen-before designs in the loader market that admittedly has been a bit stale the last couple

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