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The Empire Battle Tested DFender… new milsim hotness!

Empire Paintball just announced a new gun at PSP World Cup, and it is a radical departure from every other tactical scenario paintall gun ever made! The Empire Battle Tested Dfender is the first production marker to incorporate a force feed hopper system into the stock, eliminating the need for a feedneck and loader. Having no loader riding over the

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Announcing the Virtue VIO Paintball Mask! will be among the first paintball retailers in the world to have the Virtue VIO Paintball Mask! News of an upcoming goggle from Virtue Paintball has been circulating for awhile and this week the first glimpses of the new paintball mask have started hitting the internet. The Virtue VIO Paintball Goggle, or Versatile Innovative Optic, looks like a potential

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The Tippmann Crossover: A New Market For Tippmann

Tippmann Crossover

Ask any veteran player, “What is a good beginner paintball gun?” or “What’s a good woodsball marker?”, and the name Tippmann will be dropped the most. Tippmann has been making paintball markers for over 25 years and while they remain the top choice for recreational and woodsball play they were never popular for tournament-style paintball. Their long length, weight and clunky recoil

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