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JT Splatmaster – Family Friendly Paintball Alternative

Kee Action Sports made a splash in 2012 when they made a bold decision to release the JT Splatmaster line of paintball markers and accessories. Named after the famous classic paintball gun, the National Survival Game Splatmaster pistol,  the JT Splatmaster series were designed to introduce paintball to the youth and family market. Of course, there was quite a bit

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What is Speedball?

what is speedball paintball

Question: What is Speedball in Paintball? Answer: Speedball is the generic term given to tournament-style paintball play. A speedball field is typically flat and marked off as a square or rectangle with definite boundaries.   The field is built with strategically placed cover, such as tires, barrels and large inflated bunkers. They are placed the same on either side of the field so one team

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What is Woodsball?

what is woodsball paintball

Question: What is Woodsball in Paintball? Answer: Woodsball is the generic term for traditional recreational paintball play and easily the most popular. It doesn’t always have to be played in the woods but it is the most common setting. Woodsball fields tend to have varying terrain dotted with built up bunkers, trenches and forts. Sometimes an ‘urban battle’ type of

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Compressed Air vs. CO2 Use for Paintball

co2 vs compressed air paintball tanks

One of the most common questions beginning players ask is the difference between using Compressed Air (also referred to as Nitro, Nitrogen, N2, HPA or High Pressure Air) and CO2 tanks. In a nutshell, both provide pressure for a paintball marker to cycle and propel the paintball. However, both work on a different principle and sometimes only one can be

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